Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dedicated To Love

How Can An Angel Break My Heart
When I Have Loved Her From The Start

She Said She Cared For Me, And She'll Always Be There
Now I Am The One Who's Blue, This Isn't Fair

Dreams That I Had To Spend My Life With You
Now I Know They Won't Come True

Can't Sleep At Nights Can't Help To Cry
I Know I Can't Forget You, Then Why Do I Try?

I Know I Have To Go On, Go On And Live Without You
I Think Of My Life Now, Girl! It Was All About You

Now I,m Alone, All Alone In The Rain
With Tears In My Eyes, And Myself to Blame

The Beautiful Times That We Spent Together
To Me The Memories Will Last Forever... !


samar said...

Spiderman oh my Spiderman!

Spider spins a yarn, with a skill that only he can,

Gets caught into it, entangled in his own plan.

I ask ye, is LOVE a exclusive bond,

Shouldnt heart be deep as a oceans as vast as land,

Perfect matches are illusion, imperfections have beauty grand.

ps//shouldnt love take one closer to his own dreams.Shouldnt love be effortless,spontaneous.

Harsh Bardhan Snehy said...

Oye Kake,
Its wonderful to have ur views,
Yes, Love is always effortless
It comes to you , it can not be created.
it is realised.
But there is something which really takes time.

Abhishek Tapadia said...

Its really very beauty full yaar....
I didn't know about your this skill..
Great.. Keep it up

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