Monday, November 10, 2008


Now the time has come when The future of Indian cricket looks really bright and in a very commanding hand.

Dhoni has shown that lack of elegance in his batting hardly matters to be a great player, it requires mental toughness and composer... Its not that only dhoni's captaincy is the reason, but yes it has played a significant role in this.
Many people say that Australian looked unaustralian team this time around. But on the other hand it was the best 11 for aussies(except Symonds). McGrath and Warne's value comes to the party now.

But INDIANs are really getting their confidence further. Look at the fast bowling attack for them.. "ISHANT and ZAHEER" they make the best fast bowling pair for INDIA in all time as i can feel.
This pair has all kinds of variations a pace attack can have. Left arm, right arm, leg cutter off cutter, in swing out swing, reverse swing, bounce, yorker, slow ball, intelligence, adaptability and many more things.... they have everything and that's the reason the are doing the trick for team on a consistent basis.
Now look at their reserve fast bowling attack, MUNAF, RP SINGH, SREESANTH, IRFAN....
Look at the prospects.. M. GONY, VRB SINGH, DINDA and many more...

We also have a brilliant bracket of spinners led by HARBHAJAN SINGH then followed by AMIT MISHRA, P OJHA, P CHAWLA. they are in the team, and we have many talented people shining their skill in the queue.

INDIAN Bowling never looked so safe before. Most important thing is that all the players are so young in age. But heavily matured.

Indian batting is also looking good, which was INDIAN Trademark from long back.
Our new generation has already made us proud in T-20 world cup. LIMITED OVER TEAM HAS ALREADY BEEN HANDED OVER TO THEM.

when WE TALK ABOUT TEST CRICKET, we have lost two greats like kumble and GANGULY
They have been awesome from years..Its hard to fill the gap, but we have lots of young talents waiting who seem to be hungry..

When we talk about Indian success, we can not forget INDIAN OPENING Pair "GAMBHIR and SEHWAG", they are the real match winners. We always say that opening is always the most important food for a victory and they have shown it.
Maturity of GAMBHIR has made his one of the most dangerous batsmen in recent times. He looks so composed when comes in the middle.
Sehwag is always one of the most dangerous batsmen in world cricket. his consistency was and issue for few months, but now the way he scores once again has spread out the fear in the mind of all the bowlers around. And he is dangerous with ball too when gets a track to suit him.

Nothing is finished without GOD...
SACHIN TENDULKAR( The GOD of CRICKET) has been fantastic in last few years. he seems to regained his own style of batting. Now he is again consistent, fluent and fearless. He is the player who is equally well for all forms the game. The way he picked his inning this time around was joyful to watch. His class is unmatchable. When he goes for his stroke, it seems everything freezes and once he finishes it, everything seems to be so smiling and enjoying.. That's Sachin Tendulkar for you.

Laxman has also shown his sheer class every time whether in sri lanka or India or aus. sri lanka was one of the place where he became the lone batsman to score.... He is still going great...

DRAVID is having his worst phase of his cricketing carrier but everyone gets one chance. so he must be given a chance to finish his strong carrier. he a the man who has given India so many great moments to remember. he deserves a lot more than he has. A player who never gives up and sweats a lot to perform well at this point of his carrier too. may be he is trying too hard , but he will get the chance. He is a gem.

Coming to new faces for INDIAN batting line up, we have YUVI(Not a new anymore) is great and the MIP in limited over games, but in test match cricket, yes he still lacs something. he has to cement his place in the most important and precious form of the game. He has the class, he has the ability to do it.
We have ROHIT SHARMA, BADRINATH, KOHLI, RAINA.. they really look good mixture of talent, composure, aggression .

Most importantly, DHONI has the ability to bring out the best from any player, and his own consistency leads from the front. He is somewhat a GOOD LUCK for team India.
Hope he continues the same and bring India on top.


Monday, October 20, 2008


This is the time when whole world is fighting against this financial crisis. Everyone is getting affected. There is scare in everyone's mind. 

What is the reason behind this ? Who is responsible for all this ?

Our dependecy on others pulls us into problematic area.

BORDER GAVASKAR TROPHY 2008-2009 is shaping nicely..

1st Match: DRAW(With Australian Dominance)
2nd Match: At this point, on 5th day.. INDIAns are looking strong to lead the series 1-0. But uncertainity is the most certain thing of this game. Just at the time of writing this line, ZAHEER has bowled HADDIN on a beauty, ball coming in sharply after pitching which cleaned up HADDIN's middle off sticks...
Now its just the matter of time when INDIA polishes AUSSie tail...

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Now where are we standing ? We don't know.

These terrorists are making fun of us. 
Its very sad that our political parties are still trying to cash these thing for their election.
Shame on them, infact shame on us.
Humans are very rare now. We are only people, our humanity has died.. We are no more humans.
Lots of things to say but no words...

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Twist In The Life

Now life is once again ready to take another twist in coming days. This is quite natural, i guess- Change in Life- It hapens every now and then. There are people who never get satisfied with the things they have. Yeah thats good, not to be satisfied but we must limit ourselves, the field to look into.
There are certain things, in which we must be happy with what we have then automatically we go into the area where happiness comes to you. Its we who want to prefer to be sad in search of happiness.

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