Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Morning With Thoughts

This is the wonderful and slight cold morning out here. But i have lots of things going throuh mind.

What is our strenght ? What is our recognisation ?

I guess the will power is the most important factor in our personality.
Again if we have control on our thoughts, there we make ourselves the special one.
And the one who always changes the mind according to the situation must rethink about him/herself.
I don't tell we should not be flexible, but but we all know the difference between these two points.

There are certain things which have become the status for us, and may not be acceptable for few who doesn't belong to the same party. But are these things really important ?
We must rethink, and go ahead....

Nice n Cool

This was a day with some consistancy , yeah the gud one.
Actually time has really made me strong enough to cope with all kinds of situations.
But anyway it was not any such situation today.

Many things were coming n popping out of mind, But few things stayed inside and made a lot of impact, which is really going to be implemented in the recent future.

Monday, October 29, 2007

I am always there for my Life

Never Be Over Confident

The wind is changing its direction after every moment which is not at all helping out, whether to cry or laugh.
Enjoyment is lost is the dark sky.
Theme seems to be same but the story is changing every moment.
Why am i like dis ? Why am i not like dat ? Am i regretting ? hmmm may be , but not exactly.
What i m is what i am and the people know me as i am.

We never get something without having any trouble. And the fun after the victory through a tough figh is ultimate.

But still, Life has to go on and has to go on the way i want.........

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Day With A lots Of Things

Today, its been the day where there was nothing to do but lots of things happened in their own way. This world and its statements are so confusing for me. One says "Don't love one as much so, that if he/she goes away, you can't live without" the other says " Love someone as much so that he/she can't leave you".Which one to choose, its really a confusion, but the confusion ends when you really love someone because there is no thought before loving and after,its just you fall into.
And then after its such a wonderful begining of thoughtful and stressful journey, which is called life.

I am waiting. BUt still not happy. :(

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Upps N Down, The Part Of Life

This is the time when Life is really showing its colour. It sometimes gives you the treasure and in the next moment snatches it with a cunning smile.
May be the period, when i m being tested.
So, here is the thought of the day for me today..
" Tackle the situation , no matter how difficult it is , it will be done in a positive manner "

Happiness is not the thing, which comes your way, we have to create it and add it into our life.
Creating happiness is fun with a lots of challenge.

I am sure, the desired treasure is just few steps away, and these are the most difficult steps to go thorough. The situation says, "JUST WAIT n WATCH for the moment "

Confidence is the key......

In our life, self respect is the key of success. Never regreat abt ur past which was not the same before the moment.

Life has to go on, and everything will remain same, why to bother abt something which is not gonna have any impact.

I feel a lot better, with a lots of confidence. And at teh moment there is nothing gonna stop me from this feeling....

Today i recalled my all the college buddies, the fun we had and the moments of joy sorow and so many thing we shared under same sky......

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New Day With New Expectations..... :(

As the time is passing by, it is making me weaker n weaker...
This is the begining of a new day with a bright sunshine, but everything again looks gloomy. Nothing is changed. Its just the matter of consolation......
Nothing new is expected from me. But the desire is retrieve the golden time i had.

इ ऍम still

How The Life Changes

Today When i woke up without sleeping ystrnight, I had lost my dreams, It was all shattered. Nothing much was left to even look at.
I am feeling alone. But why ? I do have my family, so many gud frnds arnd, but still the lonelyness ?? Yes, i m feeling so. And not even able to help myself.
This is the first time i m feeling this way. I want to Go into my mummy's lap n cry for ever n ever. She is d one who never thinks when deals wid me.
i am missing ma home badly.
God gives hapiness and tries to wipe it away too.

Please, GOD, Help me out....... :(

Monday, October 22, 2007

Getting Mad

Today it seems, everything has gone backwards. And it is still going going.....
Anyways, I have work but nothing to do now.
Lots of thoughts going on, The topic is still unknown.
Waiting for something to happen, but don't want to participate in any activity

India Rocks

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