Monday, March 16, 2009


Its a great time for INDIAN CRICKET. TeAm InDiA is playing their best cricket because of the wonderful team whose each and every member makes a difference and is capable of turning the game in their favour.

Few weeks ago people had some sort of doubt about the performance of this young team in NEW ZEALAD , because NZ is always a testing platform for any touring country, even AUS at their best.
So this team needed to perform in NZ soil. And at this point of time, this young and extremely talented INDIA CRICKET TEAM has proved their worth.

Now, when we all are waiting for this most awaiting TEST Series after a historical ODI series(1st victory in 31 years) win , TEAM INDIA is feeling high, where NZ feeling the heat.

When we talk about the success of this team, we can never forget any member of the team, whether he is YUSUF PATHAN, IRFAN PATHAN, ISHANT-ZAHEER, PRAVEEN KUMAR, HARBHAJAN or RAINA. But few members are there who are always there to perform... like YUVI, DHONI, The GOD HIMSELF (SRT) and the person who is in the dreams of every BOWLER these days, VIRENDER SEHWAG. All of them have performed well here and now we have the turn of DRAVID and LAXMAN to deliver their class in the real form of CRICKET.

VIRU is in the mind of each and every INDIAN these days, why not ??? He deserves this because of hid dynamic batting.

These days we have few talks in TV channels or news papers like ...

Is SEHWAG better than SACHIN ?
Is SEHWAG better match winner than SACHIN ?
... and many more...

SACHIN and SEHWAG , they have been great assets to the TEAM INDIA , few days back when there was no match winner in the TEAM, we used to call it a one and half ball team, in that SACHIN was one balla and rest 10 were half, there was no comparison and it remained for almost 2 decades, which explains the greatness of this little GOD of CRICKET. Now SEHWAG has shown a great match winning capability, which has taken this team in the race of no 1.
But SACHIN is always there, and don't forget that SACHIN never needs to reach anybody, but its others who tries to reach SACHIN

We talk about this after SEHWAG's consistent performance and 125* ... but we forgot that The CHAMP played the knock of 163* in just the very last match, 3 days ago.
If SACHIN's knock would have come after SEHWAG's then this topic could be other way. 

This discussion is nothing to take away from VIRU whose inning is the dream of each and every aye.... But Do you thing that HOD can be even compared. 


And whats the result, Its TEAM INDIA who is getting benefited out of it, and we watch This game to see INDIA winning, what else we want ???

This is the GOLDEN AGE for TEAM INDIA where we have two bests in the team.

SEHWAG is a real great player who is brutal in all forms of the game whether its 20-20, ODI or TEST match, his presence creates fear in opponent in every corner of the world, irrespective of the pitch condition
SACHIN has been the best for more than 2 decades in all the forms of game, and at this age he is able to deliver of his best knocks, He is the genuine talent of the game, who is the icon of many players like sehwag.

All the BEST to TEAM INDIA and its warriors for the TEST SERIES :)

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