Saturday, November 21, 2009


This is now the new era of cricket. And i think this is the time when we are going to loose our best players in coming 2-3 or 4 years. This is the way everything has to happen, but the difference around this time is the lack of talent.

This is the era when we really lack some good players specially batsmen.
In every generation there were few people who were compared to all time greats.

We can start from W.G Grace to Bradman , Sobers, Border,Gavaskar, Richards, Lloyd, Kapil dev, Imran khan, Botham, Miadad, A DeSilva, M Waugh
.. and few times back to the current scene, we have

Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara, Inzamam Ul Haq, Ricky Ponting, Gilchrist, S Anwar, Jayasurya, Gary Kirsten, Andy Flower , Mat Hayden, J kallis

All of them were in each others overlapping period and still playing as their own class and known as a one of the greatest. they will surely be praised by coming generation because of their sheer talent , class and the records describing everything in it.

But if we go back 5 years or around, we hardly see any such talent who can come in tis elite group.
Yes we got few good players but do we really think that they can catch up with these people.

Players like Pietersen, Flintoff, A B DeVillers, Yuvraj Singh, Dhoni, M Clarke , B McCullum, G Gambhir, V Sehwag, G Smith and few more are good players but they never came in this group when compared in every format, situation, pressure, class, consistency, fitness.

Pietersen started as a great player who had everything in him, but in very short period, he went other side with his less interest of cricket , fitness. He is still considered as a dangerous customer but never in elite panel

Flintoff was/is one of a genuine all rounder this world cricket got. But his inconsistent batting and fitness led him down and now we can see him signing off.

A B DeVilliers is still a key young player who has everything in his batting. He possesses everything a great batsman should have but misses something. His batting has the capability but consistency has not been same from last 6-7 years.

Yuvraj Singh is on of the player who is the backbone of INDIAN team in ODIs but what is that is stopping him from being same in TEST matches. He is no doubt a wonderful batsman of his own nature but his records does not match his ability which leads him down a bit.

Dhoni has controlled INDIA in a wonderful manner with his captaincy and batting.
He has shown everything a batsman should have. He can play in pressure , he can deliver when needed, he can be cool in any situation but still he is favorable to everyone only because of his unorthodox nature. Now from here we can have debate, what is important ? class in a batsman or his performance with bat, consistency with bat ?

M Clarke has great hands in Australia's success in recent past. He has shown his ability in both TESTS and ODIS . BUt still he is not the one who will be in the group where ricky ponting stands.

B McCullum has shown great batting skills and played many winning innings for New Zealand, but his inconsistent nature has done the same thing what was done to GIbbs.
Gibbs is/was a player who had his own batting style and very effective one. But his inconsistency stopped hs path many a times.

G Smith, i am not sure about this man as he is too good in every department of the game when is comes to batting. He has shown his batting greatness many a times. But do we really take him to that great buch of people ?

G Gambhir, even this player has shown tremendous amount of talent with his bat . But at times we think about his game . When it comes to application, dedication, consistancy GAMBHIR will stant tall. But he surely lacked few things .. but are never sure of GAMBHIR as he is improving day by day and his consistency is always with him to take him to the level.

V Sehwag is one of the players who makes their own style of batting popular in every corner of this cricket world. Bu his inconsistent nature for long time take shim out of that panel.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wait... Wait... Wait.... ye Intezaar

मत करवाओ हमें इंतजार इतना
कि वक़्त के फैसले पर अफ़सोस हो जाये ,
क्या पता कल तुम लौट कर आओ
और हम सदा के लिए खामोश हो जायें

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Here we come again in the world of tennis. It been different story since last one year or so. An iron man(NADAL) is trying to replace the real champion, the emperor(Roger Federer) . NOw is time when he has infact replaced him on the top spot at least in ATP ranking...

Now when Fight of supermacy is on its high in the courts of ROLLAND GARROS, two of the top heros are showing their class according to the expectation. And we hope for another thrilling final between these two rivals.

from last 4-5 years we were searching for someone who could at least give some fight to ROGER on any surface. And now we have one who is not only challenging him on Clay court but he is now looking for fight from teh champion on all the surfaces except US hard court surface.

At one place NADAL is looking for his record 5th straight FRENCH OPEN title where FEDERER is looking for his maiden FRENCH OPEN title. And we all can surely imagine that at this momemt, french open title is the most important think for FEDERER.

But Federer 's mind has all the way nadal in its every corner. It is looking very hard for him to beat the mind game nadal has already planted in federer's mind. But just before the french open federer has defeated nadal on clay court, sooooo there is some more excitement been put into this roland garros' annual event.


Today we have finished 7 days of this year's french open, everything was going almost expected, but today we saw a shocking unexpected result :

Number 4 seed Djokovic was stunned by 29th seed Kohlschreiber by 6-4, 6-4,6-4.

So now is time when we into 4th round , we should be ready to see many such results. Federer is through to the 4th round where he is meeting T Hass. Nadal's journey has been pretty smooth till now and he is also through to the 4th round after deafeating Hewitt in third round with relatively ease.

We have still Murray, verdasco, roddick monfils, Tsonga and few more who can go on on their days even against the champs. So we are surely in great fun field for the 8 days to come.

Also we have lots of spices in this having Sharapova winning her matches with great aggression, also Williams sisters are cruising as ever. Jankovic and Ivanovic are also playing their natural game to win their battles till now.

Lots of action still to take place in this great event, keep watching :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

IBM Grand Slam Widget

IPL gives way to the Twenty twenty world cup

So IPL fever is over now.

Deccan Chargers won the tournament with a wonderful display of patience and consistancy throughout the tournament. Many Many congratulation to Them.Gilchrist , a wonderful personality showd his brilliance again with the bat and a great skill of captaincy was also one of his asset this year. Many young players from this team came up with few good performance but most importantly, when it was needed. Fully deserving No 1 spot to them.

Royal Challengers Bangalore were not behind, i don't say this because they reached the final of this tournament. We all will agree that they were also the deserving candidate because of the way they came back into this tournament. Here again we should not forget Ross taylor whose innings of 81(33) got them back in th etournament and they looked a new fresh, enthusiastic bunch under Indian 10fer.They started the tournament again in the same manner they finished last time. But once our Legend ANIL KUMBLE got the command of that team, it was an absolute turnaround. Wonderful fighter spirit made them one of the best of this year's IPL.

Delhi Dare Devils , They again had the tough luck, but more than the luck they lacked the determination which could give them a place they deserve on the paper. But poor display and inconsistancy of their main guns placed them at no 3.

Chennai Super Kings, they were looking the most dangerous bunch of 11 warriors. they had the best batsmen, allrounder, bowlers and wicket keeper, also one of the best emerging captain of the recent time. All in all it was a heavy unit. but again they displayed their talent one by one which made them to fall back to No 4 from no 3. good show but not the spirited performance.

KINGS 11 punjab, Yeah this team worked very hard under a tough captain who felt the pinch and could not keep that within himself. Captaincy made him underperformer clearly. This team was hit by bad weather cndition and could not recover til the end but battled hard. Should be satisfied with No 5, but has all the power to reach the TOP.

Rajsthan Royals, they kept fighting from the begining of the tournament. Lack of match winners was clearly visible and few good knocks from YUSUF gave a slight hope but a real flop of this year's IPL. Hard workers but skill needs to be developped.. No 6 , not bad.

Mumbai Indians, this is the team who could do a lot better than this. But again a wonderful bunch of 11 could not perform together and failed to leave any brillince in viewer;s eyes.. We certainly had more hopes from them, but a real bad show ... No 7 doesn't look good but the performance deserves this spot.

Kolkata Knight riders, Yes this is the team who was in every othet story before the start of this tournament. But as the tournament reached one third of its stage, many people started forgetting this team, ans when we finished half of the league matches KKR was out of scene, and others teams were looking forward to get some good points aganst them. But they sneaked two victories in their last two matches, which must keep their player's cricket at their place. Fully deservig No 8 spot for them.

Now we are ready for the next big one, T-20 World cup in England...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009


Its a great time for INDIAN CRICKET. TeAm InDiA is playing their best cricket because of the wonderful team whose each and every member makes a difference and is capable of turning the game in their favour.

Few weeks ago people had some sort of doubt about the performance of this young team in NEW ZEALAD , because NZ is always a testing platform for any touring country, even AUS at their best.
So this team needed to perform in NZ soil. And at this point of time, this young and extremely talented INDIA CRICKET TEAM has proved their worth.

Now, when we all are waiting for this most awaiting TEST Series after a historical ODI series(1st victory in 31 years) win , TEAM INDIA is feeling high, where NZ feeling the heat.

When we talk about the success of this team, we can never forget any member of the team, whether he is YUSUF PATHAN, IRFAN PATHAN, ISHANT-ZAHEER, PRAVEEN KUMAR, HARBHAJAN or RAINA. But few members are there who are always there to perform... like YUVI, DHONI, The GOD HIMSELF (SRT) and the person who is in the dreams of every BOWLER these days, VIRENDER SEHWAG. All of them have performed well here and now we have the turn of DRAVID and LAXMAN to deliver their class in the real form of CRICKET.

VIRU is in the mind of each and every INDIAN these days, why not ??? He deserves this because of hid dynamic batting.

These days we have few talks in TV channels or news papers like ...

Is SEHWAG better than SACHIN ?
Is SEHWAG better match winner than SACHIN ?
... and many more...

SACHIN and SEHWAG , they have been great assets to the TEAM INDIA , few days back when there was no match winner in the TEAM, we used to call it a one and half ball team, in that SACHIN was one balla and rest 10 were half, there was no comparison and it remained for almost 2 decades, which explains the greatness of this little GOD of CRICKET. Now SEHWAG has shown a great match winning capability, which has taken this team in the race of no 1.
But SACHIN is always there, and don't forget that SACHIN never needs to reach anybody, but its others who tries to reach SACHIN

We talk about this after SEHWAG's consistent performance and 125* ... but we forgot that The CHAMP played the knock of 163* in just the very last match, 3 days ago.
If SACHIN's knock would have come after SEHWAG's then this topic could be other way. 

This discussion is nothing to take away from VIRU whose inning is the dream of each and every aye.... But Do you thing that HOD can be even compared. 


And whats the result, Its TEAM INDIA who is getting benefited out of it, and we watch This game to see INDIA winning, what else we want ???

This is the GOLDEN AGE for TEAM INDIA where we have two bests in the team.

SEHWAG is a real great player who is brutal in all forms of the game whether its 20-20, ODI or TEST match, his presence creates fear in opponent in every corner of the world, irrespective of the pitch condition
SACHIN has been the best for more than 2 decades in all the forms of game, and at this age he is able to deliver of his best knocks, He is the genuine talent of the game, who is the icon of many players like sehwag.

All the BEST to TEAM INDIA and its warriors for the TEST SERIES :)

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